A GPU Cloud Compute Platform for Machine Learning & Ultra Fast In Memory Databases.

The ZeroSix Marketplace provides access to compute power specifically for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at a fraction of the AWS and Google Compute Cloud. We are able to leverage our network of GPUs to provide better processing power per dollar than traditional cloud vendors. Machine Learning and AI frameworks, such as Keras, SciKit, TensorFlow, and PyTorch, are set up and ready to go upon rental. GPU in memory databases are also available for ultrafast computation. GPU DBs come with the Z6 Instance API for easy application development via HTTP POST. Simply log in and start working.

Powerful GPUs for up to 1/5th the price of the other cloud platforms

Spend less time worrying about how much funding you need to train your models and more time working on your projects. Fully setup instances are available by the hour and come pre-installed with Docker, Keras, Scikit , NumPy, TensorFlow, Pytorch and more.


Want more advanced programmatic control over your GPU In Memory Databases? We offer a full API with all the functionality of the UI. Each instance comes with a private API endpoint

Docker Support

We support a number of the most popular frameworks out of the box (and if you need something specific we can pre-configure it for you). Sometimes you might want to leverage some containers to fully unlock your agile operation. We fully support docker and nvidia-docker to ensure there are no roadblocks.


Made with security in mind, we pre-screen each host and test each system. Your data and models are available to only you. Connect via SSH with identity files.


Need help understanding how to use our service or how to attack a problem? Reach out to us, we are a readily available resource.

Supported Frameworks

Why ZeroSix?

It’s easy, we offer a more powerful cloud computing platform than AWS EC2 or Google Compute Cloud for your Machine Learning and AI needs at a fraction of the cost.

Not interested in saving money? Do 5x the processing on your same budget.

Our support team is ready to help you every step of the way. You can reach us through direct email, chat on our website or even a phone call with a real person.

We also offer special discounts to first time renters, students, and startups. Get in touch if you have any questions before scheduling your first rental.

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Ronald Donaire


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Alex Lavrentev

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