Become A Host

Interested in becoming a Host?

Get paid for your idle compute time

A few requirements to set expectations. Hosts get paid by the hour for their rental time. Computers have to be available for the whole rental period for payment to be accrued. ZeroSix pays out hosts on a weekly basis. To become an approved host involves a quick check of computer specifications against your application. Not everyone can be a host and a few of the requirements are below:

  • At least 1 NVIDIA GPU 1080 or newer.
  • all GPUs must be connected to the motherboard directly via 16x PCIe slot.  8x is ok for multi GPU hosts.(no 1x Risers)
  • Core i5 processor, equivalent or better+
  • Minimum 100 mpbs+ internet speed
  • SSD and HD must have at least 100 GBs of Free space.
  • System RAM must be at least 16GB and/or must equal or exceed the amount of VRAM.
  • Installed Ubuntu 18.04 and SSH with root access.
  • 99% uptime on Internet connection