Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a new renter and just getting the hang of using our service? Fear not, here are some common questions to help you get up and running.

When do I get access to my rental machine?

You receive access to your rental machine/s at the booking start date. This can be immediate if you are using our API or at the pre-selected hour of your choice if you are using our web UI.

In both cases, you will receive your ID file via email to your account email. For those using our API you will also be granted access via our responses (just give it up to 1 min for the instance to start up).

What Frameworks do you support?

This is a non-exhaustive list of frameworks as we may add new ones (and forget to update this section of our site)

PyTorch, TensorFlow,  Nimpy, Scipy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Scikit-learn. We also support Docker & Nvidia-Docker for container deployment.

How Do I Connect To My Rental Instance?

You can connect to the rental instance via ssh. You will get an ID file, port number and IP address either by email and/or by API response. This will include your port number, your host machine IP address and the ID File.

For instance…

I logged in, where are the frameworks?

All frameworks, including TensorFlow and Pytorch are both installed in the ‘venv’. Once logged in you can start the venv with ‘source venv/bin/activate’

I am trying to SSH in but I am getting an error that the Identity file is too open!? What do I do.

Linux or MacOSX: chmod 400 [ID FILE NAME]

Windows 10: You have to use the GUI to ensure that your USER is the only one that hass access for READ permissions. All other users and groups must be removed. Right click file to open properties. Then click on security tab. Click ‘Advanced’ in the security tab. Click ‘Disable Inheritance’. Click ‘Apply’. Click on the Edit button next to ‘To change permissions, click Edit’. Click Add. Enter your windows user name. Click Ok. Make sure only read is selected under the Allow column. Click apply.

How do I file transfer into the rented computer?

You may use any file transfer service that supports SSH with ID file-based authentication. Internally we prefer using a terminal and SCP.



Can you recover some data from my previous rental?

Computers are wiped and cleared of RAM and SSD storage after every rental. Please save all data to your local resource or make prearrangements prior to the end of your rental. Running out of time? Send us a note ASAP.

Have Additional Questions? Shoot us a note on the contact page or via messenger.